Friday, May 26, 2006

Japan Day 2 - Tokoname

I think I'm in trouble tonight. I woke up at 5am Japan time TOTALLY awake, so I should CRASH at 10:30pm again. Maybe I'll try to stay awake longer tonight to see if that helps. But otherwise I am doing good.

So yesterday morning after a delightful little western style breakfast at our seaside Inn we set out for That Girl's house which was a 10 minute walk away.

Now, next to this sweet little Inn is a grass field. And in that grass field...

Do you see it? Yes, that is a vending machine next to a grass field.

The walk was very pretty.

We didn't get lost or anything and found our way to That Girl's house, which was once her maternal grandfather's, and now houses her father, and she hates it. Mostly because the people who live in it die.

We hung and gabbed for a bit before going to meet The In Laws at the beginning of the Pottery Walk. Tokoname is a fairly small city in Japan, but it is very famous for it's Pottery. The walk starts in a parking lot, and then you climb your way up through steep skinny streets that you imagine no cars could fit down, but of course they do.

We bought some little trinkets, my mom got a cup, and of course, ninjas were discussed.

Tech Support also had fun saying hi to everyone he walked by, which of course made the Japanese High School Boys shout it loudly back to him repeatedly, and the girls giggle.

After the Pottery Walk we went to a steak restaurant in an attempt to make sure the In Law's ate something while here. Conversation was awkward again. Tech Support put it best yesterday as, we both flew 10 hours from the same country only to sit across the table and have a culture clash. All of us being white isn't enough to carry a conversation on.

We went back to That Girl's house and hung out some before an Old Friend showed up. I'd gone with her to K-High School, though we did not hang out much in High School, and then hadn't seen her since. We gabbed a bunch. The In Laws, who were still full from a late lunch, decided to go back to their hotel and not join us for dinner, and the rest of us bundled into a van and drove for a long time.

We were taken to a restaurant where we got a traditional Japanese dinner, which meant lots and lots of fish. Too much to eat.

One of the definate highlights of the dinner was a Red Snapper that had recently (like, a minute ago) been alive and had just been chopped up into sashimi. Its nerves were still intact so as we timidly grasped at the sashimi it's entire body spasmed and gulped for air. There were two of these on the table and at one point they violently shuddered in unison. It was almost enough to make me Vegan. Almost.

Poor fishie.

After the meal Tech Support, in his standard style, went over and fiddled with the karaoke machine. It took a little figuring out.

But then:

Tech Support Sang YMCA (allow some time to load)

For legal reasons I will not post any more of the videos I took, but the rest of us did some singing as well:

Old Friend and my mom sang a Beatle's song that's title I can't remember at the moment.

Me and mom sung Strawberry Fields.

Old Friend and That Girl reprised "I Swear" which they had sung 8 years ago at That Girl's cousin's wedding in Japan.

And Mom and Tech Support did a powerful rendition of "The Letter".

After that it was time to leave the restaurant, which had a hotel above. Outside we could hear lots of yelling and sure enough, when we left there were many, many Japanese who were literally staggering drunk. We watched one woman walk off while held up by her two male companions. A group of VERY drunk men walked by us, the hotel staff tried to move them along, but once again, in typical fashion, Tech Support couldn't stop himself from talking to them. For the next five minutes my boyfriend was molested by drunk Japanese as he told them where he was from, which they loudly shouted back, and was handed three bananas by another man. He enjoyed it immensly.

There was a long car ride back where exhaustion really hit me, and I collapsed quickly on return to our hotel. Only to wake up too early!

Today: The wedding!

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