Monday, February 19, 2007

Cupcakes and Dolphins

I spent Valentine's Day with my boss and one of our clients discussing divorce at length (with good reason that I won't go into) until they both declared:

"You should never get married."

Now, I'm definitely not one for the consumerist-hallmark-card version of Valentines Day, but this was going too far in the other direction.

Which has nothing to do with the rest of the post.

These are my two new wonderful things to enter my life. The first appeared magically from Ikea last Saturday and little more needs to be said about storage space and apartment kitchens.

I haven't been keeping track of whether I make a new recipe a week or not, but I have been cooking a lot of new things. These are The Big Hit. I made a batch and brought them to my parents just to prove what a Big Girl I am.

Let's just say they are like coconut flavored clouds with light pineapple frosting. To make matters worse, they are easy to make.

The recipe is the Fluffy White Cupcakes from the woman who does Vegan Lunch Box, the frosting is only to be found in the book. Following the direction of some of the commenters I replaced soy milk with coconut milk.

Don't worry, I plan on making these at the weakest excuses.

Finally, I finished these socks a few weeks ago but wanted to wait until the stars aligned properly to photograph them.

Can you see the dolphins?

Details to be found at Romancing the Skein.


Meggish said...

I see dolphins! And ... and ... sea foam!

aunt Kitty said...

amazing socks and the cupcakes made me drool !!