Saturday, April 07, 2007

Sometimes I Want To Hug Customers

A woman came into the store the other day and when I asked for her last name so I could ring her up under her account she said, with some sweet indecision, that she kind of wanted to change the last name. She really liked her new name. I encouraged her to do so, and discovered that she'd gotten married almost a year ago.

I then changed this very Caucasian lady's last name to a very Japanese last name. Of course that piqued my interest and we chatted just a little about Japan and Japanese-Americans (her new husband is a nisei, second generation).

"I did everything right the first time," said this older woman. "I married a Jewish doctor and had kids right away. Then after I was divorced I thought, I really am attracted to Asian men."


Genevieve said...

thats so cute. made me chuckle.

aunt Kitty said...

me too

Jason said...

I was going to make some comment about Jewish boys and Japanese girls, but strangely enough, nothing is coming to mind.