Tuesday, June 05, 2007

I Get By With A Little Help With My Friends...

My newest friend was made almost as a fluke. I went in for this job interview you see, and afterwards I was introduced to the girl who would be my co-worker should I get the job.

There was the initial awkwardness of strangers talking, and knowing I might not get this job and might never talk to this person again and that would be a lost investment, but there was also this *click*. I felt this *click* when I met Meggish and FINALLY had a conversation with Tech Support. Underneath the uneasiness of a first meeting there was this flow of conversation that can only happen when people are in the same orbit.

I got the job, and me and the Co-Worker hung out and knit together. As happens with these things we proceeded to discover how very different we actually were from each other. As Meggish is fond of saying, "I guess we aren't the same person."

Yesterday though, we discovered a similarity that we shared that cemented our friendship like no other. We got proof that no matter our opinions about alcohol, parties or beards, we have something very deep in common.

We were discussing a recent movie as we both knit socks.

"I was SO disappointed." She said. "I was sad for three days afterward."

I took the leap. "I, well, I cried."

"Me too!" She said.

This fact was announced to both of the men as they joined us, and then brought up again at dinner. I think we were both reassured because surely if more than one person does this kind of thing it isn't as silly. Then, the boys got into it.

"I cried at Honey I Shrunk the Kids." I confessed. This was met with loud laughter and confusion. "The ant! It saves their lives and then it dies."

"You know after it rains? And there are those worms that get stranded on the sidewalk? She rescues them." The co-workers boyfriend said after recovering from his laughter.

Tech Support nodded as one who knows. "In the evening, when the snails are crossing the pavement, she saves them."

Me and the co-worker beamed at each other.

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Gina Black said...

It made me sniff just to remember you and that ant. :'(