Friday, August 10, 2007

Raw Fish Raw Fish

Wednesday was our last day in Tokyo. Determined to finally see the Tokyo fish market, Tech Support and I set the alarm for 6:30am. We'd gone to bed at around midnight, so this was quite the commitment. The alarm went off, whimpers ensued, and we got Meggish, her fiance, and Theo to join us in the adventure.

Too bad the fish market was closed. Sad and tired, we consoled ourselves by eating raw tuna on rice from a Blade Runner-esque street-side shop. It was delicious, and we almost felt healed.

We packed up our stuff and checked out, spending our last hour in Tokyo by going to a previous favorite, Trunks Ya. Then we got our stuff and headed to the subway, and then Ueno. We spent the next hour in an exciting bit of bureaucracy, messaging Jason and trying to coordinate ourselves on the bullet train. We made it on the 12:40 train. I spent the 2 1/2 hour ride catching up on blogs-to-be-posted, and then passing out against Tech Support. When I woke up, we were in Kyoto.

Tech Support and I had previously stayed in our Ryokan so finding the place again was as easy as sushi. We met up with my parents, who were having a grand time and had even rearranged the rooms to our advantage. After a brief rest the girls ventured out to Kyoto.

We wandered around the fair sized underground shopping area for a few hours (at least 1 hour too many). I remembered many of the shops from previous visits, but there were a few new faces as well. I scoured the bookstore for craft books, but passed on the lovely, but expensive, clothing.

Then we joined up with most of our party for another old friend - the Kaiten Zushi place at the South Exit. The sushi is okay and the price is cheap. To my surprise I ate a moderate amount, losing steam faster than I filled up. Tech Support and I left by ourselves and spent a few more minutes exploring the station, and finding another bookstore, before we went back.

Tech Support had reserved the public bath for us, and it was my first chance to share the bath with him. Unfortunately while Shimizu is lovely, their bath is scalding hot. I enjoyed showering and then poured lukewarm water over myself to try and combat the heat of the day and felt satisfied despite the lack of soaking.

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