Thursday, January 03, 2008

Happy New Years

Like others we went down to the shore to greet the new year.

Our friends were waiting there for us.

A year ago my interest in birds was minimal. They had beaks and feathers and made noises and that was all very well but nothing to get excited over. Lately though, perhaps in part thanks to my father and aunt, I find them a lot more interesting.

Who wouldn't be impressed by this beak?


Meggish said...

Ah, the exotic Santa Monica dirtynosed brown bird

aunt kitty said...

The Aunt mentioned in the post would like to identify said birds :-)
Top photo: the kibicus beardus, middle photo:a willet and possibly a ringed bill gull
last photo: a marbled godwit
Glad to hear you are developing an interest in the local bird life.

Anonymous said...

To post a taxonomic correction: The first photo is Johnicus techii, variety beardicus of the Family Kirbia. Just to split hairs which is exactly what taxonomists are paid to do.


eatrawfish said...

I believe you are right about the last two photos Aunt Kitty, but I'm gonna go with Smilin'Bob on the first. :)