Saturday, February 28, 2009

Is February Over Yet?

I'm still here, but I'm ready to be done with this month. First I was exhausted from work, then I floundered with my writing, then I got a cold, then I got my wisdom teeth out. During all this I didn't do too much cooking.

Honestly, I think that was a mistake. Cooking is hard work, sometimes I screw up, and it's really not usually a joyful activity. But it is a satisfying one. When I've put together a tasty meal, or at least something new, I feel like I've accomplished something. I needed more of that in February.

March will be different. I'm already in the baby steps of planning a dinner party with a friend. I couldn't help but pick up another book by Tessa Kiros. Her cookbooks belong on coffee tables, they are so beautiful. I've been watching and reading Pride and Prejudice lately, and though I know none of the Bennet girls cooked or did housework, for some reason it always puts me in the mood to do just that.

Unfortunately, thanks to the wisdom teeth removal, I'm still on soft foods today. Tomorrow though, I may try something different.

Meanwhile, I'll leave you with two things I managed to snap pictures of that the boy made with a little bossy oversight from me:

Sweet Simmered Beef and Onions over Rice from Let's Cook Japanese Food! I like beef when it's done Japanese style. Sliced thin, cooked well, and over a bed of rice.

Hot Chocolate from Apples for Jam (one of the Tessa Kiros books). Wow, this stuff is decadent.

See you in March!

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