Thursday, June 25, 2009

In The Family

On Sunday a Kitchen Gnome showed up.

And I got him to do the dishes somehow. He also helped me make Pasta alla Norma which I discovered in the latest issue of Cooks Illustrated. I like eggplant, but have had issues with cooking it before (so have other people, I've received eggplant dishes that were entirely too firm from restaurants). This dish had some creative way of cooking the eggplant to guarantee it wouldn't be chewy and unpleasant.

And it wasn't.

The next morning the Kitchen Gnome got to work with my Cooks Illustrated baking book, and by the afternoon, this had appeared.



Gina Black said...

Wow. All that Kitchen Gnome did while he was here was sleep. What's in the pie?

eatrawfish said...


Gina Black said...