Friday, May 09, 2008

Better Than Herring

It was bound to happen. Sure, I tried not to give in to those dark urges, but I'm afraid once they had a hold of me there was no stopping them. They even bled into Theo until he too felt the need. And today, we gave in.

MMmmmm. Thank you KB, for the generous funds. Of course it was nothing compared to Japan, or some of the better Sushi places in LA, but the charm of a young Danish man mumbling a thickly accented "Irrashimase" would be impossible to find anywhere else.

Before the sushi though, we went to the museum. This entailed our usual trip on the Metro and wandering past enigmatic buildings that had to be of some import which we were unaware of.

Luckily, the museum looked important too.

This is the Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek, which is somewhat similar to the J. Paul Getty Villa only with better art and less forgeries. Like the Getty Villa though, the museum is almost more beautiful than some of the art.

Poor Theo was so exhausted from staying up Far Too Late reading his Jim Butcher book that he spent most of the time wandering from bench to bench. Though my hips and legs were killing me, I was enthralled.

Here I look so awkward because I am restraining myself from embracing the statue. One of the museum people was totally watching me, ready to jump in and drag me away if needed.

There was also a small but intense collection of french impressionists and post impressionists that included beautiful bronze statues by Degas, some early Picasso, Guagin and all those important people with important names.

We spent so much time there, and were so tired, that we decided to save the other museum for tomorrow. Instead we hiked down the street to the aforementioned sushi place. Afterwards I was too stuffed but Theo still had some room.

I saw no new birds today, but did see this.

To cap the day we wandered through a department store. There were all kinds of neat housewares that I didn't buy (but may yet wander back for a few of them) and Theo was sweet enough to get me a little stuffed toy. Her name, according to the label, is "Mew". She and Sleepy Time Kirby have already hit it off.

So tired. Tonight we go to bed at reasonable hour, and tomorrow we go to Nationalmuset and Tivoli.


parispirate said...

Is that Rodin sculpture you wanted to embrace ??

Gina Black said...

Oh my. I heart Mew.

Paris--I think she wanted to horn in on that kiss. ;)

eatrawfish said...

Yeah, that's The Kiss.