Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Wonderful, Wonderful Copenhagen

Dear Copenhagen,

First, just to get it out of the way, some requests for clarification:

1) Why does your Metro system demand only coins that we do not have yet and Credit Card Pin #s that we do not know? What's so bad about bills? We're trying to be lawful about this whole thing, but really, you make it difficult.

2) What exactly happened when we were stuck 1 stop away from our stop for 10 minutes, then went backwards to the last stop, then forward again? Someone kept trying to tell us what was going on, but as it was all in Danish, I'm still confused.

3) While the explanation on the pay phone was really simple and easy to understand, it had no basis in reality that I could discover. Why would you do that?

But meanwhile, thank you for the good food and good company.

Love, Sara

The flights were relatively easy. I find the amount I worry about these kind of things is inversely proportional to how easily they turn out. My seat companion for the Long Flight from Seattle to Copenhagen was a 70 year old German woman who lived in Tacoma. We talked pleasantly of travel, marriage, raw fish, and I had a feeling she had a really interesting life story underneath it all.

Finding Theo in the airport was shockingly easy. Having grown up with LAX I am always prepared for Airports to be miniature cities - and usually surprised when they aren't. Getting from the airport to our place via metro was surprisingly difficult (see above). Also, Theo was unable to get to his wallet because the zipper of his pants was jammed. Once at our B&B there was a heroic effort to fix that:

Eventually the Swiss Army Knife was brought into play.

After that we decided to go into Copenhagen itself, since our B&B is in this bucolic suburb. We still did not have correct change, and didn't know where it get it. So we walked.

And walked.

And walked. (Did I mention we didn't have a map? That's how I roll.)

A bird for dad.

Luckily, long walks in Foreign countries are always cool.

We found a cute little Italian place where I had some Spaghetti Marinara (pictured above) that made me very, very happy. Then we wandered around a little more before heading back to our little Bed and Breakfast.

At 7:45pm the street looked like this.

Which reminds me:

Dear Copenhagen,

Do you realize how hard it is to acclimate to a time change when it is Bright Out at 9pm? Yeah. Hard.

Having a great time,



Tonnellotto said...

Dear Sara,

reporting about such a long flight (Seattle-Copenhagen >> 10,000 km ?) and about such a great place is the best thing you could have done for everyone - like me - who didn't enjoy your vacation plans !!

Believe me, I've been 3 times to The Netherlands, and every minute spent there meant for me just more than some spare 60-second-nicks-of-time: every minute, every spoken word, every sight and every dream, eyes-opened or not, asked for reporting, so that my friends could have been shown what was it like for me being there...

Enjoy the rest of your holiday in Denmark.
And remember that every oddity about climate, sunlight or local habits is part of a greater meaning called: adaptation !!


Meggish said...

So, I regret having to point this out, but that spaghetti marinara ... is full of bugs. Sea bugs! In little sea bug shells. Also who's that guy you're eating with? He's kind of cute. I'm telling Kirby!

parispirate said...

Hey we want a photo of a Danish danish !!!