Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Rosenberg Slot Machine

The B&B is a little funky, but there was nothing wrong with the bed. I slept like the dead until 5am.

And then I was awake.

I puttered around for a few hours. Theo slept through a few of my coughing fits. I think I heard some of the other boarders move around. I chatted online. I watched my computer clock (still set to CA time) move toward late night. And when it was 10:30pm in LA, I fell asleep again.

I woke up around 9:45am and this time managed to get up, though I was feeling distinctly groggy. Theo seemed to have some kind of plan so I followed him and we successfully navigated the Metro without any further coinage or translation issues. We went out to the park we'd been to yesterday.

I dunno what this tree is about, but I like it.

Just past the enigmatic tree is Rosenberg Slot. Slot means Castle in Danish. And as odd as that sounds to me, I wonder what Slot Machine sounds like to the Danes. Does it speak towards great wealth? Or musty smelling old buildings?

Anyway, we laid down our Kroners and went inside. The place was a mix of opulence, darkness, and that musty smell. The inlaid tables were beautiful, the huge tapestries intense, and the ceramic busts creepy.

The real fun part though, was the Treasury. The two young men holding the Big Guns right outside were disconcerting, but we passed them and went down. Along with swords and guns with gorgeous details and mythical figures depicted on their handles were the most intense crowns I've ever seen. One of them was called the Crown of Absolutism and I wouldn't argue. Unfortunately we didn't take any pictures.

The Statens Museum for Kunst was just a hop and a skip away so we went there next. Entry was free and the place was beautiful. One room depicted the different genres of painting and the walls were covered to the ceiling with examples. Lots of different examples of Dutch art. I only wish I'd been a little less sleepy.

We ate at the Museum Cafe for sheer convenience and enjoyed Tea in the oddest cups. My salad came with a new experience: Pickled Tomatoes. Now one can enjoy the sensation of vinegar without any other flavors to get in the way. I could only eat one. The rest of the meal was tasty though.

Another pretty bird. The picture doesn't do the dark blue feathers on the back justice.

We were both pretty wiped after that so we made our way across town, picked up some food stuff for dinner, and braved the Metro once more.

A picture for The Boy:

We laid around and recovered, and then Theo made me some Pasta for dinner. He also had some sushi. We were just sadly lamenting our lack of Soy Sauce when he opened the thing up and...

out popped some soy sauce!

After dinner we went out to Amager Strand (strand = beach).

Since we're Quite North it was about 8pm and we were still enjoying beautiful sunshine. We capped the day with some ice cream and went back to our B&B.


Meggish said...

I remember seeing birds like that in Amsterdam. I forget what they're called, though. I'm no help, sorry. Kunst!

Taylor said...

Nice blog Sara, good to see you both. Castle, art museum, the beach, greenery with bird, pasta, sushi and ice cream......what more could one want out of life. Hi Theo.

parispirate said...

I had forgotten that they pickle everything up North there...brought back memories of laughing at all the pickled things they offered us for breakfast !!