Saturday, May 10, 2008

Kids, don't do Frijoles

The continued insistence of the sun on being Bright and Up at 5am and refusing to go down until 9:30pm makes me feel like some kind of cranky new mother who doesn't get enough sleep. At this point (with only today and Monday left before going home on Tues) I give up on normal sleep patterns.

Yesterday we planned on being out late, so we opted to get out of the B&B late as well so as not to exhaust ourselves too bad. We were going to grab some pastries but one thing about me and Theo -- rather than the Authentic, Magical, Perfect experience we go for the Silly and Perverse.

So we had Mexican.

Never do Mexican in Denmark. Theo had some in Sweden too and he feels confident in declaring that one should never do Mexican in Scandanavia. His poor enchiladas are naked and lacking in cheese. My Tostada reminded me of the food I used to eat at the dorms. Everything tasted like it had been canned.

And there was a slice of pineapple that I refused to have anything to do with.

(This is just a cool picture, there is nothing more to it)

In the interest of Not Going Hungry we ate our Danican lunch and went over to the Nationalmuseet. Here they actually had some Danish History stuff as well as Egyptian, Greek, Roman and an impressive coin collection.

We took a little too much time wandering through the Medieval/Renaissance and Coin sections and wound up having to rush through the 1660-2000 section. I was a little sad, but still got a good run through. War, poverty, absolutism, more poverty, social-scientific-political change, more poverty, etc.

After that it was time for...


We had grand plans of staying up late and seeing the lights, but we were already tired. The rides looked neat but there wasn't much we felt like riding/we couldn't find in the States and I couldn't get Theo to go on this one.

We wandered a little bit. Saw pirate ships.

Sat and stared at pretty trees.

Tulips are in bloom all over the place and they are beautiful.

We decided that a good way to pass the time until it got dark (in HOURS AND HOURS) would be to grab some lunch. We wound up settling at a place that reminded me of PF Changs, only it was Japanese instead of Chinese.

It was better than the Mexican, not as good as the Sushi. Meanwhile there was this marching band comprised of young boys that wandered around the park every fifteen-thirty minutes.

There was a mix-up with our receipt. First they gave us a receipt for the group prior, then they gave us our receipt but without a charge for the delicious coconut ice cream we had before finally giving us the correct one. The waitress explained exactly what had happened with the mix-up and was very thankful in a formal way and Theo and I laughed about what it would have been like if the same thing happened in LA.

"Yo Dude, you didn't charge us for desert."
"Really? Shoot, my bad."

Anyway, after that we still had HOURS and HOURS until darkness. Our spirits were flagging but we wandered around more and sat down.

The band came by more than once.

Theo remarked in an off hand way that this ride depressed him.

Something about seeing grown ups on such a little train. Gradually, it became darker, and the birdies started to go to bed.

Until we finally got to see Tivoli all lit up. Definitely beautiful, and hard to capture with the digital camera.

At this point we had to stay for the 10:40pm light show. A sweet little thing with more heart than sophistication that lasted about ten minutes.

After that we walked back to our B&B. I insisted on traveling down the more populous Stroget street rather than the more deserted side streets. As soon as we were on Stroget though we were surrounded by people clutching beer bottles, talking loudly, and even someone on the ground with a large gash on their head. I wondered if the deserted streets wouldn't have been better.

Of course there were also still families out and no real danger. We made it back to the Metro and as we got off I passed a teenage girl holding a 6-pack of beer as she got on.

It was time for bed.

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